Monday, June 22, 2009

Supernatural DVDs

I am about to confess something that may shock my fellow Supernatural Sisters...I don't own the SPN DVDs. I know, it's unthinkable, but at roughly $60 a season the cost has always been prohibitive and I am a librarian so I check them out over and over from my library for FREE. (The downside...I usually have to wait on a hold list and the discs are starting to get stratched.) That said, Tanya just clued me into the "Summer TV Sale" that Amazon is having until June 30. Seasons 1-3 are now on sale for just about $20 a piece! If you buy more than one season you'll qualify for FREE shipping. That's cheaper than any Ebay auction you might win. (Trust me I've been looking!) Best of all, for those of you who already own the boxed sets and are merely biding your time waiting for the season 4 release, it's available for pre-order and on sale for $38.99 instead of $59.98 plus the shipping is...wait for it...FREE! (NOTE: This does not apply to Blu-Ray sets.)

Season 4 drops on September 1, giving you ten days to watch it before the premiere of Season 5, and has the following special features (always my fave part):

· The Mythologies of Supernatural: From Heaven to Hell - Three section featurette gallery bridging Heaven, Purgatory and Hell to examine key mythological precepts

· Commentary on 3 Key Episodes by Executive Producers and writers

· Extended/Unaired Scenes

· Gag Reel

The gag reel is always a fave, the faces the boys pull at the camera are priceless, but I'm also really looking forward to the mythology feature. How 'bout you?

And, yes, I did order seasons 1-3. Yay! I'm planning to order 4 at the end of the month before the sale ends.

Finally, and on a completely different note, please bow your heads in silence. (HARPER'S ISLAND SPOILER ALERT). I didn't see it coming for awhile, but Jim Beaver died a spectacular death as Sheriff Charlie Mills.


Barbara said...

I didn't get them right away either. I waited and actually found them at Target for $19.99. I did get season three the day it came out which had a decent sale and I got the adorable little Impala with it.

Yes Jim was awesome so I was sad to see Charlie go. He was so good that I didn't even think about why he wasn't wearing his hat. Yes I'm that odd but I'm used to him wearing the hat. Hopefully more Bobby is to come in season five.

Anonymous said...

You got an Impala with it!

We are kinda used to seeing Jim with hats, aren't we? I hope to see much more of Bobby too.

phouse1964 said...

Hi. My name is Patty and I am a TV on DVD-aholic.

While Supernatural was not the first TV on DVD I bought it was the beginning of an obsession. And I loan my purchases out to get new people addicted. The thought of someone having to wait for that next Netflix DVD to arrive is just awful! I am a bargain shopper and will usually only buy on sale. Amazon has been having some crazy deals this summer! (the entire Angel series for $53!)

I will say with joy I know three people that are watching S1 of Supernatural over the summer. One has my DVD's right now.

MJFredrick said...

Patty, I loan DVDs out to get people addicted, too. I bought my brother the first season when he was recovering from back surgery, because the show reminded me of the movies we used to watch when we were kids.

I agree about the Amazon deals. I just got the first season of Burn Notice for $13!!!

Anonymous said...

Patty, I too have made a lot of SPN converts, but I've been sending them to the library. :) Hopefully my post and this incredible sale will get people to buy the DVDs.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

A friend and I bought the first two seasons to hook another friend, and it worked. I loaned all three out to a new friend, and I'm missing them desperately. I usually have rewatched it all by now! LOL

I can't wait to get season 4!