Friday, April 30, 2010

The Devil You Know recap

The boys are chasing Pestilence. Woot—Tanya’s favorite kind of episode!

We open with some scientists in a research lab, and a man dressed as a janitor jabs a needle—presumably the Croatoan virus, if one goes by the “THEN” segment—into the neck of one, then leaves him alone with the other one, who he apparently rips apart, judging by the blood spatter. (I don’t usually use this many adverbs—testing week has wiped my brain.)

Sam and Dean show up on scene as CDC. The woman they’re speaking with wants a vaccine for the swine flu, not the Croatoan. Dean mentions something about statues crying—hope we learn more about this. Sam and Dean call Bobby from the Impala. They’re trailing Pestilence and wondering why he’s teasing with swine flu when he has the Croatoan virus.

Suddenly the demon Crowley shows up in the back seat. Dean spins the car and Sam lunges with a knife, embedding it in the back seat (sob). Crowley has disappeared, only to knock at the window. The brothers are pissed at him for sending them to kill Lucifer with the Colt. They think he knew it wouldn’t work, and Jo and Ellen died because of it. Crowley convinces them he can get them to Pestilence. He takes them back to his new digs—a far cry from the mansion the other demons burned down when they learned he helped the Winchesters. He tells them he was tracking them with a magic coin in the car, and it allowed him to hear their plan. Turns out he doesn’t know where Pestilence is, but he knows the demon who does, the Horsemen’s stable boy.

The next scene is a boardroom at a pharmaceutical company where a man is demanding distribution of an undeveloped vaccine for swine flu. Later we see him in a private office, talking to a cup of blood bubbling with flies (AND I’m putting down the brownie) after cutting the throat of someone who questioned his will. Pestilence is getting an update.

Wow, short commercial break, and back to the brothers and Crowley. Crowley doesn’t want Sam along because he doesn’t like him. After the brothers seemed to get along better than they have in several episodes, Dean agrees to leave Sam behind and accompany Crowley. Sam is suspicious, and alone. He calls Bobby and they drink together over the phone (aww.) I just realized we don’t see enough of Sam’s dimples this season.

Oh, no. Sam asks Bobby about how, when he was possessed, he managed to take his body back. He proceeds to lay out his plan—get the devil to the cage, and Sam will jump in to lure Lucifer, then attempt to gain control of himself. Bobby goes off on him, reminding him that he’s talking about Satan. Bobby asks how he could control the devil when he can’t control himself.

I’m not trusting Crowley. He and Dean are sitting in the Impala, and suddenly Crowley disappears and reappears inside the building they’re watching, cutting the throat of the night watchman. He sets Dean in an elevator and sends him on his way. Dean asks why he’s not coming.

“It’s not safe up there. They’re demons.” I love this actor.

Dean continues up and comes face to face with the suit who had been talking to the bowl of blood. Dean tells the demon that he’s willing to sell the rings he has. The demon proceeds to kick the crap out of Dean. Dean escapes into the elevator but the demon follows him. Crowley drops a bag with a devil’s trap on it over the demon’s head and bashes him over the head. A lot. Then Crowley changes his plan. He won’t take the demon back to Sam because they have history. Hmm.

Dean prevails and Sam comes face to face with the demon, tied up in a devil’s trap. Turns out he went to college with the guy—he had a devil on his shoulder even then. Brady, the demon, introduced him to Jess. Sam loses his temper, but Dean pulls him away, trying to convince him to stay focused.

While Dean calms Sam down, Brady and Crowley have a conversation. Brady doesn’t believe the demons will be destroyed if Lucifer wins, and would rather die on the winning side. Crowley leaves to kick open a hive of demons, and Sam traps Dean in the bathroom so he can face Brady—complete with the demon-killing knife.

Brady talks about what a good friend Sam was, how YED sent him to toughen Sam up. He tells how he killed Jessica, and Sam lunges with the knife, but stops before he does more than knick him. He lets Dean out of the bathroom as Crowley returns. Crowley tells Brady that he massacred the demons except one. He told the survivor that he and Brady were lovers in league against Satan. Brady knows what this means. His only choice is to tell him where Pestilence is.

Before Brady says anything, they hear the baying of a hellhound. Turns out one of the demons planted a magic coin to track Crowley. Crowley tosses the coin to Dean, who catches it (and gets an I-told-you from Sam). The hellhound bursts through the window when Dean goes to find salt. Crowley reappears with a hellhound of his own, and the Winchesters and demons escape while the invisible dogs go at it.

Brady gives up Pestilence’s location and the brothers trap him with salt while Sam glares. Brady continues to taunt Sam, who approaches with the knife. Dean watches his brother fight as Brady says Sam’s just like them, but his hell is right here. Finally Sam ends it and walks past his brother.

Bobby’s on the phone with Rufus when Crowley shows up in his kitchen. Bobby shoots, and Crowley complains that he’d liked that suit. Crowley’s willing to help find Death. But he wants Bobby’s soul!!! NOOOO!!! Bobby blasts him with rock salt. Crowley promises he’ll give the soul right back, and Bobby wants to know if he thinks he’s a natural born idjit. Bobby’s considering it when they go to credits. NOOOOOOO!!!!! Why isn’t it next Thursday???

Not a favorite episode for me. I was waiting for Pestilence, though I did like the insight into Sam's college life. What did you think?


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mark Sheppard (Firefly, Leverage) and I think this episode was the best I've ever seen from him.

I also loved Brady, who was played by the actor who was Whitney on Smallville in the early seasons (I had to look that up! :) ).

But I feel like we didn't get far enough ahead with this ep. They set up the end game, but I can't fathom how they'll get Pestilence AND Death AND lure Lucifer back to the convent AND save Bobby's soul AND save their only two episodes.

I also feel like, since the boys got back from heaven, the guest stars are knocking it out of the park while Jared and Jensen stay alive on walks. At first I didn't care because the storylines were so awesome, but by this episode, I'm missing the old Sam and Dean.

Trish Milburn said...

I really like Mark Sheppard too. He was good in his smallish role on BSG. Love his attitude in this role. I was laughing when he told Brady about telling the other demon they were lovers in league with Satan. LOL!

I knew I knew that Brady guy from somewhere! I just couldn't place him.

I'm with you all. This wasn't a favorite episode for me. I was confused about whether we're going to even see them get Pestilence or if that is going to happen off screen and we just get Death next week and the Lucifer stuff in the finale. Seems like a lot to take care in two episodes, unless it all flows over into next season.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Even though the promo focuses on Death, I think we might get both next week. It's also possible they'll go after both and only get one, with the other part of the finale.

Kripke said the apocalypse would end this season, so it can't flow over to next! *stomps foot*

Anonymous said...

Nothing is supposed to flow into the next season according to everything I've read, so I agree it's a heckuva lot to clean up in two episodes! Still nervous about leaving Bobby. I really enjoyed Mark Shepard too. Loved his gigantasaurus hellhound. LOL.

Maureen Child said...

LOVE Mark Sheppard! (Firefly character is a favorite!)...laughed my ASS off when he announced that as a demon, Crowley is a literary agent in NYC!

See?? We knew they were demons! LOL

I'm very worried about Bobby. I'm thinking this is not going to end well.

And I miss our old Sam and Dean, too!

Thank you Natalie for identifying Brady! I knew I knew that guy!!

As for me, I didn't mind not seeing pestilence. That was just disgusting last week. And wow, that Death trailer was just creepy.

Trish Milburn said...

I was thinking we'd heard lots of things about how the apocalypse was wrapping up this season, but wow, these should be two really packed episodes.

Maureen, I loved the literary agent thing too. Hysterical. Also agree that Pestilence is just nasty.e

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the trailer for next week. The music is amazing with it.

Anonymous said...

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MJFredrick said...

I'm watching it again and I like it better on second viewing. You know what's missing? Humor. Not even a good one-liner.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I thought Crowley had a lot of good lines. What about "They burned down my house. They ate my tailor!" :)

MJFredrick said...

True. And I liked Bobby's "natural born idjit." But Dean was too somber.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Yes, Dean definitely was. He's usually the one spouting "margaritas out your ass" kind of lines. :)