Monday, April 19, 2010

Supernatural News Week of April 19

The thing that has me most excited this week is the release of JDM's new movie The Losers this Friday. I'm going for my birthday! (Sorry, embedding was disabled!)

I found this interesting article about Supernatural by a writer for the Chicago Tribune.

I didn't read this interview with Sera Gamble, but she's supposed to be talking about the direction for Season 6. I may be desperate in June and go read it but for now I want to be surprised.

The name Castiel is rising quickly in popularity as a baby name! I'm wondering if I'll have any Castiels in class in 9 years....

I found this little bio of Genevieve Cortese.

I hope I didn't miss anything important!


Anonymous said...
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Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I'm really looking forward to The Losers! We just agreed to cut back on eating out and going to the movies, though, so I'm not sure I can convince my husband that we need to go now, not when it hits the cheap theater. :)

LOL--the link for the "interesting article" is a gorgeous closeup of Ackles, pre-Lasik. :)

The interview was before the renewal happened, and it doesn't say anything specific at all, just talks about taking a left turn, not trying to go bigger, going back to the intimate.

I will die if I meet a kid named Castiel. LOL

Nice collection, Mary!