Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekly Supernatural News Round-Up

Of course, the big news is that new episodes are back (yay!) and we're coming up on the much discussed 100th episode. But what about beyond 100? Here are some highlights!

This week's soundbites included a Zap2it interview (including video) with Jim Beaver, who tried to avoid any real spoilers for what might be in store for Bobby.

Also this week, an update on Ghostfacers web spinoff, to coincide with 100th ep.

And of course, we get the devil's side of things in a Sci-Fi Wire interview (Apr. 8) with Mark Pellegrino. Dean and Sam aside, Mark says Lucifer is really the good guy! (He says interesting things are afoot but steers clear of major spoilers. You guys can search those out yourselves at spoiler tv and the like!)