Monday, April 5, 2010

Supernatural News

New Ghostfacers online show to debut April 15. Get the deets here.

Julie McNiven (Anna) has signed on for a five-episode guest arc on Stargate Universe. Yay, two of my favorite shows collide! Oh, and for fans of Robert Knepper (Prison Break and Heroes), he's signed on for some guest spots on SGU too. Both will be playing members of the Lucian Alliance, aka space pirates.

Jim Beaver's memoir, Life's That Way, comes out in paperback April 6. Here he talks about it and the upcoming season 6 of SPN.

Mark Pellegrino talks about the two ambiguous characters he plays -- Jacob on LOST and Lucifer on Supernatural.

Want to see Jensen playing guitar and singing with Jason Manns at Jus in Bello? Click here.

And here's some fun video of Misha crashing Jared and Jensen's panel. Courtesy of SupernaturalWiki's Twitter feed.

Some pics from the Jus in Bello con, complete with Jared wearing his brand new wedding ring.