Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Your turn to write for Supernatural

Okay, so you won't actually be writing for the show, but I thought it might be fun during our summer off from new episodes to have a fan fiction contest. And what better topic to tackle than your vision of how the first episode of next season will start! So here are the particulars:

* Write your vision of how Episode 1 of next season will start.
* Contest runs from today, June 17, until midnight Central Time on July 1.
* Max word count = 1,000.
* Keep the entries PG rated. Absolutely no Wincest.
* E-mail entries in the body of an e-mail to me at trishmilburn AT yahoo DOT com.
* Winner will receive a surprise pack of goodies and may have her/his winning entry posted here on Supernatural Sisters. We also may post other, non-winning entries for everyone to enjoy.

And on a different topic -- last week, Terri posted info about a casting call going out for the part of the devil on Supernatural. Regardless if that casting call is true, who do you think would be good in the role? I saw some mentions of David Anders, and I have to say that would be really interesting.


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I saw mention of David Anders, too, and I agree. He could be perfect.