Monday, April 26, 2010

Supernatural News as We Count Down to the End

But we won't mention how there are only three episodes left. *sob*

Hooray! Last week's episode matched season high ratings!

TV Guide launched a series of articles with this one about the 100th episode, with quotes from all the major players, followed by a recap that calls it a "just about perfect episode." And THEN, Mark Pellegrino compares and contrasts his two roles on Supernatural and LOST.

Want some behind-the-scenes? Go here for a BTS video done by Jim Beaver of the zombie episode (I adore the actress that played the sheriff, she's adorable!) and some footage of the 100th episode party. Both clips are 2 1/2 minutes long.

Last week Terri posted about the new Ghostfacers webisodes. There will be two eps each Thursday until Supernatural's season finale on May 13. You can find a behind-the-scenes interview here. There are interviews with the stars here.

While we're doing videos, here's a long interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Variety, the entertainment industry newspaper, did an interview with Ackles and Padalecki a couple of weeks ago. It's mainly on their path to the show and what comes next, after the show's eventual end. Non spoilery.

A trailer is now available for Batman: Under the Red Hood, in which Jensen Ackles voices the titular villain.

Jensen accompanied Danneel Harris to the premiere of her movie The Back-Up Plan. There are some nice pictures here.

In a six degrees kind of thing...Lindsay of Support Supernatural interviewed psychic Dakota Lawrence here, and now author Tracy Madison, a huge Supernatural fan (thanks to me :) ), is giving away a prize package that includes a FREE reading with him! Hey, if one of us wins, we can ask him whether season six will be brilliant or anticlimactic... (Enter the contest here.)


Anonymous said...

I enjoye the BTS videos. Thanks! I best know Kim Rhodes from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I'd rather blow up zombie too. LOL.